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Comparison Pricing is Important When Making Decisions

In each of the sheets below:

  • The first three columns display a donation amount, the fee for service from a competitive site and what the charity receives.

  • The fourth column is the @EASE fee, a constant 2.5% followed by what the charity receives. 

  • If the donor includes the fee with their gift, they receive a receipt for the full amount of the transaction as shown in the sixth column.

  • The final two columns display the cost on the amount + fee and the amount the charity receives with @EASE.

4 Percent.JPG
3 percent.JPG
Recurring Percent.JPG
Peer to Peer percent.JPG

It is important to remember there is no free ride. All transactions have a price and the question is who pays the fee?

The biggest saving @EASE offers is when the data is imported as the process is seamless directed from the program's main menu where Donate Now is fully accessible.

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