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Raise Funds with Ease Peer to Peer Fundraising

This is a TESTING Site Only

Raise Funds with Ease offers organizations a new alternative when hosting their walk - run -  ride events.


This is a sample site which shows how a charity can set up an event. Sponsors, volunteers and event information can be easily managed through your website.

Please take a look at some of the samples we have listed above.

A Participant can register as an individual, then set up a team or create a profile to which friends and family can donate.


Donors can come to the site and give to a team or an individual on a team or give to the team without identifying a team member or just give a donation.

We look forward to your questions and telling you more about this flexible new offering.

For charities using @EASE Fund Development Software, 

the import is seamless!

You can connect with us using the contact window at the bottom of this site or by calling us at 877-489-9911.

Please note, our payment portal uses iATS Payments.

Signing up is easy and quick.

Thank You.

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877 489 9911

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